Margaret Prendergast– another reason to like Kilkee

I mentioned in my last post that I had another reason I found Kilkee special .Well, here it is–

 Debashish was attending a function there. It was to unveil a plaque to a botanist Edwin Butler who,interestingly, spent 15 years in British India in the early 1900s working in the field of plant and agriculture. Aaditya, our son,was fishing happily in a nearby river . I gave up trying to drag him with me and  decided to wander the three and a half streets of Kilkee. Each one for himself or herself, I suppose.


 I love gawking at gardens and houses. I must have been gawking at the pretty little cottages when I met a sprightly old lady walking out of one of them. We smiled at each other. And, as I quickly thought of what I should say, she spoke. In the course of a couple of minutes, hearing that I was hanging around, waiting for my husband, she had invited me to her home to share a cup of tea with her.
I went with her and, for an hour or so, absolutely enjoyed the warmth of her company and her home.

As I admired the very many flowers in her garden -she promptly brought out a pot and spade and dug out a clump of purple campanulas for me to plant in my home.

Her name was Margaret Prendergast ,all of 75 years old. She had owned a popular bed and breakfast at Kilkee called ‘King’s Arms’ and had retired when she turned 70. After Debashish had arrived and also had a cup of tea, she told me she would probably have been too awkward to have invited me home had she known that my husband was an ambassador .

She lives alone and when I last spoke to her a month ago -she was in the middle of a hair dressing party in her house !  I love her ! And I will wait for her campanulas to flower at India House in spring .

I call this special .

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About Adity

Hello ! You are either already a friend or will become one--through this medium! I am an artist and jewellery maker, a wife and mother to two lovely children. Beautiful homes, food, nature and wonderful things happening around me make me ecstatic. That is why I started to write this blog-- to share with you all of these things. After all what good is any experience if not shared !
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5 Responses to Margaret Prendergast– another reason to like Kilkee

  1. Anonymous says:

    It IS special! Katy

  2. Anonymous says:

    In Ireland you do come across lovely,friendly Irish people such as Margaret. Niceness is often built in or learnt from people around you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    so funny you love Kilkee, as you know a part of my familly comes from county Clare , a famous priest Father Meehan is a far graet great uncle of mine and he was a priest in the peninsula , he is famous in Carrigolt, he would say mass on a wagon on the crossroad when saying mass was forbidden!1

  4. You are right. Niceness can be learnt-often people don't because it means doing an extra bit- but Irish people do learn and practice it !

  5. Thanks so much for introducing me to Fr Meehan! I have now found that his wooden'little Ark of Kilbaha' is still preserved in a church at Moneen . There are many such hidden gems that I keep discovering- makes Ireland even more beautiful for me !

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