Table in red

The terraces of our Dublin residence are beautiful for one reason–they have been planted with a mixture of tiny, ground covering succulent plants. Come spring-batches of the plants start to flower. Right now it is full of little white flowers. (I don’t know what they are called-perhaps a sedum- have you any idea ?) It is like looking out on to a meadow !  Here is what the terrace meadow looks like-IMG_5842

Since we can see these pretty flowers  from only two rooms upstairs  – I  thought I would bring them in and put them downstairs. And where else but on our dining table–my canvas !

This is what they look like on our table at close quarters-


Yes, I feel the table IS a canvas. You can start with any building block-flowers, leaves, grass, twigs–and keep adding fabric, pieces of wood, sculpture,plants, utensils–play around and arrange them till you are satisfied-and then,  placing your crockery and cutlery-sit around it ,enjoy it, and eat a meal !

I had lots of red, cotton block printed fabric from India . They have been loyal companions , have traveled the world with me for at least 20 years and brought me immense pleasure every time I have used them on my tables.  So I put them out this time as well- vegetable dyed, kalamkari block print cotton fabric from ‘Lepakshi,’ the Andhra Pradesh Craft Emporium in Delhi (click here to see their products) and block printed scarves from another wonderful shop in Delhi,’Anokhi'(find them by clicking here).

Here they are-


Fabric allowed to flow so they look like,well, fabric. Simple glasses to hold the flowers with the scarves draped around-


Another staple plant I have always had in my homes along with the Spathiphyllum-indoor ivy. They are hardy and make wonderful plants for the dining table-


Little brass bowls bought many years ago at Cottage Industries Emporium,Delhi (click here to see some of their products) with tea lights from Ikea-




A few green button chrysanthemum still fresh from an old bouquet of flowers (they have stayed this way for a month-what do they do to them ??)-



A glimpse of the garden in the background (the green of the grass has got a little over exposed-but you get the idea,don’t you ?)-


The mini meadow on the table-


Another picture of the table with the light from the candle caught in the glasses. Again,  the garden in the background-


To see other tablescapes I have enjoyed making-click here.

You will find this article in ‘Tablescape Thursdays’ at another fabulous blog,’Between Naps on the Porch’-take a look here.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday !

Photos- Debashish.


About Adity

Hello ! You are either already a friend or will become one--through this medium! I am an artist and jewellery maker, a wife and mother to two lovely children. Beautiful homes, food, nature and wonderful things happening around me make me ecstatic. That is why I started to write this blog-- to share with you all of these things. After all what good is any experience if not shared !
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18 Responses to Table in red

  1. shikha chaki says:

    Adity your tables are really special… beautiful.I think you can write a column for the magazine `Inside Outside’.Of course it would be incomplete without Debashish’s photographs.The flowers are also so pretty.I can imagine how beautiful the terrace must be looking.Enjoy it on my behalf too.

    • adity61 says:

      Thank you,Shikha di, I find this just so enjoyable ! Wonderful to share it with people with similar interests. Certainly, Debashish’s photo are good. I took pictures with my idiot camera but for some reason it made the reds too bright..

  2. Gorgeous! Bravo. How beautiful……xxxx M

  3. chandana ghosh says:

    just wonderful taro taja ho gaye bhalo theko

  4. Beautiful table! I love the fabrics!

  5. Ann O'shields says:

    Your table is beautiful. I bought a length of block printed fabric in similar colors only yesterday. Now you’ve shown me what to do with it. I had thought to use it a more casual way.

  6. adity61 says:

    Thanks,Ann.There is something organic about prints that have been made by hand. I am sure your table is going to look fabulous with your fabric on it !

  7. Such a gorgeous color and a terrific table setting you did. It’s is just beautiful!

  8. adity61 says:

    Thanks,Christine. Thank you also for visiting-I am delighted to make new blogging friends ! Returning your visit !!

  9. This is a truly gorgeous table. You have given me the idea to raid the fabrics and use them! Love the china.. is that a monogram on it? or a crest? Just wonderful!! xo marlis

  10. Thank you,Marlis. I am sure your fabric on a table will look good ! Do put up pictures when you do -would love to see ! It is the crest of the govt of India on the crockery- taken from a pillar of Emperor Ashoka, circa 250 with four lions(you can see 3 on the crest) on the wheel of Life.He is the king who took Buddhism from India to SE Asia.
    Thanks also for visiting!

  11. chetna says:

    I am looking forward to your putting these together in a book one day. It will be a surefire winner.

  12. Housedelic says:

    Hi Adity!
    Have featured one of your pretty pictures from this post of yours in article today Can we just say how beautiful you make everything look? Couldn’t help drooling over the lovely images!

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