Tablescape with brown paper and newspaper

Hello to you all !

I have been meaning to post but things are getting fairly busy. That is saying a lot because nothing makes me busy enough ! The reason I am in this state of high occupation is that we are almost in the middle of packing.  You see, we are moving back to India in August.

Almost everyone I know has been asking me since January if I am preparing-if I am packing-if I am, at least, sorting. I had to reply in the negative. Until this month. I thought it was high time I did something. So the packers dropped by some cartons and tissue and plastic wrap. And now, in our home, upstairs–cartons and chaos everywhere ! No, not organized at all !

Downstairs, however, is another story–calm still prevails. And, for an all women’s lunch, with all the paper lying around, I thought it befitting to decorate our table with paper-newspaper and brown paper from ‘Penny’s’ paper bags ! It was therapeutic, great fun and couldn’t be more eco-friendly- you know, recycling and all that !

Here it is-

Newspaper cut up into table mats ! You could sit and read interesting snippets of information- in fact, that is exactly what we did as we sat for lunch ! It became a lunch full of information !


And here is the brown paper from ‘Penny’s’ bags !  Accordion pleated and rolled and then opened again to form elegant curls –


Other curls made out of newspaper- sitting comfortably with the brown paper- and Lobmeyr glass bowls in blue-


Some time back I planted one of my most favourite flowers, pansies, in small pots. See how useful they are –I can bring them straight in and put them onto my table. A bit of my own outdoors– indoors-


And, in keeping with the rest of the table,  a piece of newspaper to cover the pot-tied in place with a jute string- rough and elemental all the way-


Books wrapped in paper to give height and more newspaper curls for more  layers-


Oh ! The beautiful face of a model with a horse. It says-‘elegance is an attitude’ ! Beautiful !


My African head sculptures – a bold black to go with the black newsprint-


To break the monotony of newspaper- some brown paper to wrap my old faithfuls-the spathiphyllum- (to see my dear old faithfuls in other arrangements- click here and here)


And then in tall and short glasses, lined with brown paper- many accordion pleated, curled pieces of paper-


My Khurja pottery tumblers in blue and yellow- what chance that I had them ! They matched perfectly with the pansies !

Again- my old faithfuls–they are all my old faithfuls- Fabindia napkins in blue –


And green-


The sun shone right through the day ! The arrangement against the bright light outside-


The silver cutlery a nice contrast against the newspaper–luxury against frugality-



I cannot get over how intensely coloured these pansies are-


Intensely blue-


And purple and white as they sit with simple newspaper-


As they reach down to caress the sculpture-


Finally, because some of you ask to see the entire table-here is a view(not a very good one)


Did you like it ?

I am going to wrap many things in newspaper as I pack. I know I will be delighted to read little bits of old news when I unwrap my pieces far away in India.  Today’s news will be history tomorrow–and I will have perspective !

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About Adity

Hello ! You are either already a friend or will become one--through this medium! I am an artist and jewellery maker, a wife and mother to two lovely children. Beautiful homes, food, nature and wonderful things happening around me make me ecstatic. That is why I started to write this blog-- to share with you all of these things. After all what good is any experience if not shared !
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7 Responses to Tablescape with brown paper and newspaper

  1. Shikha Chaki says:

    Adity, your table looks so beautiful and creative…and so typically Adity.
    I am feeling bad that I won’t be able to visit your residence in Dublin again but I would be happy to welcome you back to India.
    Yeh Lucknow ki sarzami is waiting for you……love,Shikha Di.

  2. chetna says:

    this piece is equally fascinating in its concept and presentation both visually and in its effusive description.
    i missed seeing a picture of the entire table. I am sure you have one. If it isn’t too much will you post a picture of that too.

  3. Uttora Ratna says:

    Lovely. Just goes to prove what we were always taught by Baba that one could perceive beauty in everything and creativity could create beauty from nothing! Waiting eagerly for you to come back home!

  4. Very creative! I love the paper texture paired with the flowers, so whimsical and fun!

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