An eclectic home in Wicklow,Ireland

We spent all of this morning using guerilla tactics to ensnare an itinerant plumber. A leak in a bathroom needed to be fixed. After our son, Aaditya, managed to find him on phone, he had to dangle a carrot and tell him that he had to do the plumbing in our courtyard. You see, with the building boom in Lucknow, skilled laborers hate taking up ‘purana kaam’. They like only ‘naya (aur bada) kaam’.That is how the plumber arrived this morning hopeful of a naya kaam. And he was taken straight to fix the leak ! Small victories ….
So instead of going to see some horse racing–yes, yes, Lucknow boasts of a racecourse– in the perfect winter sun(I am sure it appears as though I go to the races all the time but no, I have not been to many races at all-I went just twice to the races in Ireland, that too because the Qatar ambassador had hosted lunches at the venue) we were entertained by the plumber and plumbing leaks.

I met Christine Davis at a polo match at a farm in Wicklow, Ireland. She was warm- as a lot of Irish people are. On the very first meeting it felt as if I had known her for a long time. She told me she had three Alpacas as pets. I was intrigued. You know, this was not Peru and I had never seen live Alpacas. So when she asked us over to her Wicklow home for a lunch I was happy !

I think the Wicklow area in the outskirts of Dublin, is, perhaps, one of the most beautiful in the world that I have seen. Low undulating hills in different shades of green, dotted with woods and streams.(To see my post on the Wicklow area click here). And far away from each other are homes old and new, built beautifully to blend in with the surroundings.One such home, a Georgian era house belongs to Christine.

On the acres of land and a small lake that belong to her live the Alpacas. Here they are-

IMGP6900 She lives on the ground floor and has rented out the first floor(actually the main floor). We entered her house from the rear–and I was absolutely delighted ! The house was warm, cozy and so very eclectic ! The ease with which different objects-not a single one that matches the other- have been put together can only be admired..

The lobby painted a cheerful yellow, a perfect foil to the often grey skies, with a beautiful old rug on the floor and wrought iron chandeliers–the black of the iron standing out against the yellow and the rug in red, blue, green in perfect harmony(you cannot see the colours of the carpet in the picture because of the light coming in from the door)-


You enter the living room with a dining area and an open kitchen.Here is a picture of the fireplace with an armchair covered in a geometric patterned tapestry. A round table covered with a cloth from India is in the foreground


I said hello to everyone, and, after asking Christine, promptly started taking pictures, trying all the time to keep talking to people ! It is quite a difficult task if the urge to talk is as strong as the urge to take pictures of a beautiful home ! That is the reason that I do not have a picture of the entire room.

It was spring time- the table with a bunch of daffodils


The fireplace (retained in its original form) with an elegant wood sculpture of three storks-

IMG_5175A view of the armchair with  a painting from Peru that hangs on the wall at the back-


A bronze cat from Egypt stands on a drum from Mexico-


On another table a stork made out of bright pink plastic bags- I could never have dreamt something bright pink and plastic could work so well in a room like this! –


A table covered in woven fabric from Mexico-


Another glass-topped box table wih pretty little bowls arranged inside and another bunch of daffodils on it–there were these bright blooms placed everywhere-


A view of the dining area with some of the invited guests.  Chairs around the table are artfully mismatched, a couple of them painted red. An arched lamp demarcates the dining area from the living-look at how bright and beautiful everything looks !

IMGP6889(photo by Debashish)

A view of the more formal sitting room-

IMGP6882(photo by Debashish)


A cupboard from Thailand with pictures-tall and short-beautifully arranged-the tallest line being that of the lamp-


A view of the pretty bedroom. Everytime I see this picture I get a strong urge to go and sit on the bay window seat-


The tiny kitchen area with a large tile from Turkey placed on the centre of the wall–


Two plates from Turkey echo the colours of the tile–the only pieces that match each other-a bowl of bright red tomatoes and a pot of green herbs repeat the colours of the plates-



Take a look at another Georgian style home in the Dublin area by clicking here

And trees, befitting of Ireland, stencilled onto a wall by Christine herself-

Just look at how harmonious different things look when placed well and with care and love! What did you think ?

Thank you so much Christine for sharing your gorgeous home with us. Her casually and elegantly arranged dining table merits another post. I’ll share it with you soon.

Hope you have good days ahead ! See you soon !


About Adity

Hello ! You are either already a friend or will become one--through this medium! I am an artist and jewellery maker, a wife and mother to two lovely children. Beautiful homes, food, nature and wonderful things happening around me make me ecstatic. That is why I started to write this blog-- to share with you all of these things. After all what good is any experience if not shared !
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