About Me


Hi, I am Adity Chakravarti, artist, jewellery maker, wife, mother of two lovely children,and,like many of you, a general dogsbody.
For 28 years(already!),I have lived in different parts of the world. Not because of any heroics that I did but because it was the nature of my husband’s job in the Indian Foreign Service and I accompanied him.
Our first posting, twenty eight years ago, was in Beijing, China, where I landed up newly married, in November at – 2 degrees, in a cotton salwar-kurta, sandals and ‘Air India’ socks that I put on as an afterthought and wondered why people were looking oddly at me !
Since then I have lived in Switzerland, Bangladesh, Canada, Tanzania, Romania, Ireland and, of course, my native India. Now I know all about spring jackets, over coats, snow boots, thinsulate socks, kangas– you see ?!

Things I love

Meeting people and learning about their talents and cultures(everyone speaks or would like to speak English and loves James Bond !)
The challenge of making the most of what I have around me.(tinned beans make excellent meals and sarees make good wall hangings)
 To do up my house and table and that of my friends'(it will do if you have  pieces of interesting cloth and some old fashioned kitchen utensils)
My painting and  jewelry making(I have sometimes been asked if I do ‘real’paintings). To see some of my paintings-click here.
And now, to write about all this and share with you(no reason for alarm!).
Why this blog ?
It is wonderful to read about fantastic individuals and look at glossy magazines full of great ideas and pictures of homes. But it is somehow remote, it seems that it happens with other people, in other lands.
I feel that you have only to look around yourself , scratch the surface and find amazing people and beautiful homes -big and tiny-and ideas. So I decided to write this blog- to share with you what I discover as I go along and what I get ecstatic about ( a tiny flower or leaf in the right setting can make me that way !).  Do,do hope you will like it,too..


4 Responses to About Me

  1. Catrinel says:

    Hi Adity, for me, you are the special one and your magic touch over the things/persons that/who you come in contact with. I so miss your presence…

  2. Sagareiika says:

    Hi Adity, I chanced upon your blog while researching on old heritage homes in India.

    Adjectives of adulation pours as spontaneously from a reader’s heart as much you’ve put your heart in describing each of your experiences!

    I’m a Soul long in the journey.. A woman beyond her earth years.. an eternal child of her Mother in Heaven & Spiritualist by choice. Professionally am into corporate communications.

    I have something to share & discuss for which you may be able to help. Possible we may connect & speak sometime? I’m enclosing my email for you to revert. I live in Delhi..
    Not sure where you do. Nonetheless hearing from you would be great!

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