Bits Of My Work

Here are little bits of my paintings, painted furniture and jewelry- just so you know me a wee bit better..
After getting a BSc degree in Home Science , I studied Commercial Art at the South Delhi Polytechnic for Women. I worked for a while at Impact Design Agency , Allahabad, then after marrying my husband, accompanied him to China. I spent three years there learning about married life, China and the Xie Yi style of Chinese painting. The last I learnt from the wonderful, Xue Shi Qi of the China Academy of Fine Arts. After we returned from there, and greatly encouraged by my teacher,  I had my first exhibition in Triveni Kala Sangam, Delhi (I adore that place !) in 1989. Since then I just continued to paint and exhibit around the world, whenever and wherever I could…

Krishna Series -Delhi, 2001-2004
Where would I be without the colors turquoise and coral -and images of Krishna ….  and I started to paint with these colors taking my cue from the glorious autumns of Canada. And the burning of wood (there could be an explanation to that- I must be a pyromaniac) took its cue from the burnt out remains of wood in our fireplace there.
Krishna and Radha,14″x 34″,(acrylic on burnt wood)
 Krishna and the color Blue,16″x 8″,(acrylic on burnt wood)
Krishna and the colour Blue,16″x 8″(acrylic on burnt wood)
 Africa ( 2004-2007)
 from the exhibition ‘The Kanga Story’
In Tanzania,women wore and used the unstitched garment called ‘Kanga’- much like we do sarees in India.

Where would I have been without painting those– and the rich ebony of the African skin,the rust of the soil and the emerald of the vegetation .. and, you can see, I love patchwork..

On a Balcony in Zanzibar(acrylic on burnt wood)(not available)

Three Sisters of Pemba (acrylic on burnt wood)

Paintings on Furniture
(inspired by paintings in my exhibition’The Kanga Story’)
There was a nondescript table in our house in Canada. It was begging to be painted. I did so and loved the result. I confess it was embassy property . I wonder if it still lies in 47, Hereford Place,Ottawa .
 I had these windows and boxes made and painted on them.Usable Art it is !
Through the Window at Kibaha (wooden window)
Through the woods (wooden box)(not available)

Catching a Glimpse(tall wooden box)(not available)

 Romania (2008-2010)
 from an exhibition, ‘Changing Ideas-a Kaleidoscope’
Images of intimate painted churches with their use of gold foil, arches, monks, crosses and Cyrillic script – images of Romania filled my mind- along with lots of other rubbish . Here they are..
At the Monastery I , 16″x 9″(acrylic on burnt wood)
At the Monastery-II ,16″ x 9″
  Prayer in Sucevita,6″ x 8″
From the Athenaeum, 18″ x 24″
 Romania (from an exhibition ‘Between Fact and Fiction’)
From a stained glass window at the Hungarian ambassador’s residence,the image of a half human -half ram ,angels,sagittarius(Chiron)stuck in my mind. I painted those and,of course, used a lot of gold foil.Thank you Ambassador’s residence !
Angel Face,12″x 8″,(acrylic,gold foil on burnt wood)
Glowing in the Dark (as above)
Amun Ra-In  Profile,18″x 12″(media as above)
         Sculpture and Sculpted Jewelry (inspired by my series’Between Fact and Fiction’)
I found spiraling horns fascinating, I begged a sculptor friend for some clay and  made this. And back to using my favorite turquoise and gold foil…
Amun Ra ( Clay,acrylic paint,gold foil)

And I continued making little sculptures..
and decided to turn them to jewelry . I pestered a Turkish friend, Irem, to show me how to use findings for jewelry (she was self taught and a very good jewelry maker)…
So there I was with a whole collection…
 Amun Ra brooch ( synthetic clay,gold foil)
Amun Ra continuum (neck piece on suede chord)
The Golden Shell(pendant on leather chord)
Twins in Gold (pendant on suede chord)
Gold and Pearls(neckpiece with freshwater pearls)
Romania (Gouache)
My gouache paints had been lying with me from Switzerland and I had been dying to paint the innumerable images I saw in Romania-one image colliding with the other. I wanted to get that effect. I tried..
‘Forever’ ,8.5″x 6″(gouache on handmade,khadi paper)(not available)

Wedding photo at Arc de Triomphe’,8.5″x 6″(gouache on handmade,khadi paper)

 ‘Masks of Maramures‘,8.5″x 6″

        ‘In harmony’, 8″x 6″

Clock Tower at Sibiu, 4.5″x 6.5″
Street in Brasov,6.5″x 4.5″
  Romania (from a group exhibition  ‘Post Modern Wedding’)
 For this exhibition ,since the topic was ‘Post Modern Wedding, I used wedding images taken from family members and friends( I will use yours if you will send them!) and had them transferred on canvas.Then I took pieces of canvas, burnt them, stitched them and painted over them—much like a marriage actually is– patched up and stitched together !
oh ! I also used haldi(turmeric) and sindoor(vermillion powder)to paint and the red and yellow puja thread to stitch- these ,my- friends- not- from- India, are mandatory for most auspicious Indian occasions.
 ‘Homage to my mother and father’,35″x 41″(a scroll in stitched,burnt canvas with  digital image transfer, acrylic paints,sindoor and tea )(not available)
‘In Anticipation’,24″x 41″(scroll in stitched burnt canvas,digital image transfer,acrylic paints,haldi,sindoor)
                ‘Auspicious Occasion’ 35″x 41″(media as above)I do sell. and will be very happy to answer any kind of queries  about my paintings and jewelry .
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8 Responses to Bits Of My Work

  1. Vandana andLadlie Tandon says:

    Beautiful.I never imagined you were so versatile.The homage to your parents was very touching

  2. arun bhattacharya says:

    Phenomonally versatile — awesome interview and classy paintings. Yes the homage to your parents were very special.

  3. Hi Adity, Its been such a long time since we connected. I just discovered your Blog (after going through an old EASA Newsletter) & will now savour the beauty of your words and art at leisure. Looking forward to doing so:) Trips & Debu talk often and hope we may see you here in Delhi?
    Best to you all. JMT

  4. jyotsnakh says:

    Wow!this is amazing…when are we exhibiting your work in Lucknow?

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