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A haveli named after a mystic, Waris Manzil, in Saidanpur, Uttar Pradesh

It is the mango orchards that I see first when I arrive in the village of Saidanpur on a morning of May. At 8 am the temperature is 36 degrees. But it is the open countryside and it does not … Continue reading

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Vignettes from a North Indian village

Meanwhile, in Lucknow, we have received a couple of pre monsoon showers and the first lot of Dashehri mangoes. Nothing like these mangoes eaten refrigerated, skinnned and cut into large chunks ! Yesterday my daughter and I snuck in 6 … Continue reading

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A haveli in Veerpura, Aligarh

Nature has amazing ways, does it not ? It has ways of consoling—otherwise why else, when temperatures in North India touch 45 degrees, would the most fabulous tasting fruits be available ? You have a huge variety of mangoes, of … Continue reading

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A chilled roasted green mango drink

Hello, all ! Yes, I know I had disappeared for quite sometime! I was actually inside the winding corridors of a government Post Graduate Hospital in Lucknow for a surgery my husband had to undergo. With the good wishes and … Continue reading

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